Senate Exposes Rubio’s Lies: Defeats Amendment to Complete Border Fence Before Amnesty


We’ve all seen it on TV. Endlessly.

Marco Rubio, in an ad from a fake-“conservative” organization, confidently insisting that his amnesty bill would provide the “toughest” border enforcement “in the history of the United States…possibly the world”, as the narrator growls about “border security on steroids!”

Unless you have been living under a rock the past two months, you know full well the ad is a lie, and Rubio has utterly destroyed his own reputation with repeated, absurd lies about the ‘Gang of Eight’ bill.

Today, with his own vote Rubio officially made a liar of himself, and exposed the entire Gang of Eight fraud for all Americans to see.

The Senate voted down an amendment introduced by Sen. John Thune (R-SD) that would have prevented the administration from granting any illegal aliens legal status under the bill until at least 350 miles of double-tier fencing had been erected, and would withhold full citizenship rights until 700 total miles have been built.

Currently, the border only has 36 miles of the double layered fencing. 316 miles is single layered fencing, and 299 miles are vehicle barriers.

The vote was 54-39 against, with Rubio, McCain, Flake, Graham, and a new problem RINO, Lisa Murkowski, voting against. Two vulnerable Democrats, David Pryor (D-AR) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) supported the measure.

Ironically, they defeated a relatively modest amendment which could have gone a long way towards bridging the gap between amnesty advocates and opponents. For example, this amendment would not have prevented the “path to citizenship” opposed by at least 70 House Republicans, nor prevented legalization of tens of millions of illegal aliens – which Stand With Arizona and a growing phalanx of activist groups oppose.

It would merely have delayed those steps, for a few years until the fence is built. And remember, this is already the law of the land. In 2006, Congress easily passed, and President Bush signed, the Secure Fence Act, which funded this construction – until the Pelosi House killed the funding in 2007. Even then-Sen. Barack Obama voted in favor of the border fence bill, as it passed the Senate overwhelmingly, 80 -19.

Yet the Amnesty-First crowd still voted down this reasonable amendment – proving they have absolutely no interest in securing the border, and proving yet again that the true “extremists” in this entire immigration debate is the ‘Gang of Eight’.

So share this news with your friends who still believe Rubio’s border lies.

And immediately call your Senator and demand that they vote against Harry Reid’s upcoming – rushed – cloture vote in the coming week.

Call Toll-Free at (888) 978-3072 and tell your Senator to vote NO on S. 744.

About John Hill

John Hill is the Executive Director of Stand With Arizona, one of the nation's largest organizations opposing illegal immigration and amnesty. SWA's members have been instrumental in passing legislation in states and counties around the U.S., and blocking the DREAM Act in 2010. Join us!

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