Ted Cruz Links ‘Gang of 8’ Amnesty Bill to ObamaCare, Ridicules ‘Fig Leaf’ Border Amendment


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the last Republican to speak on the floor before today’s shameful vote to advance the ‘Gang of 8’ amnesty bill, gave a brief but powerful presentation showing up the open-borders Senators as supporting  bill that is just like ObamaCare, and does nothing to secure the border.

Cruz comparing the rushed, unread amnesty bill being rushed through only 72 hours after being introduced, without a single hearing on it to the health care bill – a clear blast at the 15 turncoat Republicans who have all endlessly denounced the way the Nancy Pelosi insisted her colleagues has to “pass (ObamaCare) so you can find out what’s in it“.

The junior senator from Texas, who stands his ground like a veteran of many years, Cruz also skewers Senators who supported today’s “fig leaf” amendment as those who don’t want to “actually secure the border”, but merely to “convince gullible constituents that they’ve done something” – when of course the Corker amendment guarantees absolutely nothing for border security.

Schumer tries to derail Cruz at the start, but fails. This is no “freshman”, this is a leader.

Keep fighting, Senator Cruz – we stand with you!

Make sure to sign Ted Cruz’ petition against the ‘Gang of 8’ amnesty HERE.

About John Hill

John Hill is the Executive Director of Stand With Arizona, one of the nation's largest organizations opposing illegal immigration and amnesty. SWA's members have been instrumental in passing legislation in states and counties around the U.S., and blocking the DREAM Act in 2010. Join us!

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