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‘Gang of 8’ Breaks the Bank: Mass Amnesty Would Add $6.3 TRILLION to U.S. Debt

America’s financial future? Destroyed by mass amnesty for 20+ million illegal aliens. Mexico’s Oligarchs say “Gracias!” – The widely-anticipated Heritage Foundation estimate on the cost of the ‘Gang of Eight’ illegal alien amnesty bill was released this morning, and it is a unmitigated disaster. The ‘comprehensive immigration’ overhaul being taken up in the Senate this […]

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Illegal Alien Border Crossings TRIPLE as ‘Gang of 8’ Amnesty Talk Heats Up

Here they come:  Migrants bound for the U.S. border ride on top of a train  in Ixtepec, in Oaxaca, southern Mexico (AP). – For months, Stand With Arizona has been reporting (most recently here, here and here) on the massive increase in border crossings since Obama and the ‘Gang of Eight’ started promising amnesty for […]

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VICTORY: Georgia Gov. Signs Expansion of Illegal Alien Crackdown (SB160)

Way to go, Peach State! Gov. Nathan Deal yesterday signed S.B. 160 – a tough expansion of Georgia’s H.B. 87, the Arizona-style law cracking down on illegal aliens, which passed in 2011. The La Raza lobby was left stunned and upset, believing Deal would bend to the prevailing GOP pressure for immigration appeasement in Washington, and […]

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Judge Sides With ICE Agents: Says Obama Admin. Can’t Refuse to Deport Illegal Aliens

Above: ICE Union President Chris Crane, who filed the lawsuit against DHS. – In a stunning order, a federal judge Wednesday said that the Obama administration is likely violating the law by telling immigration agents and officers not to arrest illegal aliens they deem “low priority”, in a lawsuit brought by ICE agents that could […]

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‘Joe’s Law’: Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Strategy to Derail Amnesty Enrages the Left

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is facing a campaign to recall him from office. They are collecting signatures, and already have more than half the required amount with two months to go. This follows a re-election campaign last year which saw unprecedented amounts spent on both sides, as George Soros committed $10 million to oust “America’s Sheriff”. […]

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Police: ‘Explosive Device’ Sent to Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Above: Flagstaff Bomb Squad detonates ‘explosive device’ that was sent to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. – Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the target of a nasty recall campaign to remove him from office. He is hated by the Left for his workplace raids against illegal alien identity thieves. He is the target of frequent death threats. The […]

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‘Gang of Eight’ to Oppose Any Amendments to Their 1,500-Page Amnesty Bill

Above: The Gang of Seven plus their mascot Marco Rubio, yucking it up as they announce their amnesty plan in January. – Just when you thought the Senate push for amnesty couldn’t get any more shameful…it sets a fresh low All the members of the “Gang of Eight” pushing so-called ‘immigration reform’ in the U.S. […]

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Georgia Legislature Passes Expansion of Illegal Alien Crackdown (SB160)

Above: Georgia’s House passes the SB 160 crackdown on illegal aliens in the furious last half-hour of the 2013 session. – Way to go, Peach State! Georgia’s Legislature has approved a tough expansion of the state’s 2011 Arizona-style crackdown on illegal aliens, and it now awaits the Governor’s signature (please contact him to do so […]

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ICE Agent Reveals Shocking Details About Obama’s Dismantling of Immigration Enforcement

Chris Crane, president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council 118, made a number of stunning revelations during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee — and he’s begging Congress for help. The ICE union boss argued that agents are no longer allowed to arrest illegal aliens solely for illegal entry or expired visas […]

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DirecTV Technician – a Previously Deported Felon – Steals Prized Dog From Customer

A DirecTV installer who authorities say is a recently deported illegal alien felon was arrested Thursday, March 28, after surveillance video showed a man stealing the customer’s $2,500 English bulldog puppy from the backyard. Eduardo Robles, 38, of San Bernardino, was in custody Friday and is scheduled to be arraigned April 2 on a charge […]

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