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ICE Agent Tells Mark Levin: Obama ‘Inflating’ Deportation Numbers, La Raza ‘Running Our Agency’

Chris Crane, president of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers union, spoke to radio host Mark Levin, and unleashed two bombshells that should outrage all Americans. First, that Obama is “cooking the books” on his so-called “record” deportation numbers – inflating them by up to 50%, by Crane’s estimate. And perhaps most shocking, Crane […]

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Biden: We Have to Pass Amnesty to Grant Illegals the ‘Dignity and Respect They Deserve’ (Video)

Por La Raza, Todo! Joe Biden in full pander mode, totally without shame. – Few can equal Vice President Joe Biden as a race-baiting panderer. And Joe is increasingly making his professed amor for “Hispanics” standard fare in his stump speeches pushing amnesty for illegal aliens. Biden never misses an opportunity to put Hispanics – and especially illegal […]

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ‘Posse’ Trains to Defend Phoenix-Area Schools Against Gunmen

Three weeks after the shooting in Sandy Hook, CT, when politicians were using the murders as an excuse to grab the guns of law-abiding Americans, one lawman was calling instead for school kids to be defended. Maricopa Country, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio denounced efforts to ban guns, saying “bad guys will always get their guns”, […]

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ICE Agent Suing Obama: ‘Mr. President, You’ve Overstepped Your Boundaries’

ICE Agent Crane to Obama: “Mr. President, you’ve overstepped your boundaries. It’s your job to enforce the law, it’s Congress’ job to enact the law.” – Last week, ICE union chief Chris Crane won a stunning initial court victory in his lawsuit against the Obama Administration.  As we reported, Federal Judge Federal Judge Reed O’Connor […]

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‘Gang of 8’ Breaks the Bank: Mass Amnesty Would Add $6.3 TRILLION to U.S. Debt

America’s financial future? Destroyed by mass amnesty for 20+ million illegal aliens. Mexico’s Oligarchs say “Gracias!” – The widely-anticipated Heritage Foundation estimate on the cost of the ‘Gang of Eight’ illegal alien amnesty bill was released this morning, and it is a unmitigated disaster. The ‘comprehensive immigration’ overhaul being taken up in the Senate this […]

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Illegal Alien Border Crossings TRIPLE as ‘Gang of 8’ Amnesty Talk Heats Up

Here they come:  Migrants bound for the U.S. border ride on top of a train  in Ixtepec, in Oaxaca, southern Mexico (AP). – For months, Stand With Arizona has been reporting (most recently here, here and here) on the massive increase in border crossings since Obama and the ‘Gang of Eight’ started promising amnesty for […]

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VICTORY: Georgia Gov. Signs Expansion of Illegal Alien Crackdown (SB160)

Way to go, Peach State! Gov. Nathan Deal yesterday signed S.B. 160 – a tough expansion of Georgia’s H.B. 87, the Arizona-style law cracking down on illegal aliens, which passed in 2011. The La Raza lobby was left stunned and upset, believing Deal would bend to the prevailing GOP pressure for immigration appeasement in Washington, and […]

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Gov’t Officials Won’t Release Welfare Info for Dead Boston Terrorist, Citing His ‘Privacy Rights’

Who exactly do you represent? Gov. Deval Patrick dodges questions about how much welfare benefits the Chechen terrorists got from his state, citing their “privacy”. – Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and his state agencies are refusing to release information on what government benefits Boston jihadist Tamerlan Tsarnaev received, following a national furor over reports he […]

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SHOCK: FBI, DHS Were Warned About Boston Terrorist SIX MONTHS Ago – And Failed to Act

The failure  of the Obama Administration’s security services to properly investigate jihadist threats, despite clear prior warnings – as with the Ft. Hood massacre and now the Boston attacks – continues to be exposed. As we reported on April 19, the FBI was warned by a “foreign government” – reportedly Russia – that Tamerlan Tsarnaev […]

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Marco Rubio Spokesman Compares Illegal Aliens to Slaves

As his lies are being exposed daily, Marco and his team are losing their heads. – The panic among the amnesty pimps has reached hysterical proportions. As conservatives increasingly discover how the ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bill would be an abject disaster for America, and also  realize how Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has lied to […]

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